About Us


Tianjin Bright Future Education Consultancy is a reliable agency company which abides by the rules and regulations of the Peoples Republic of China. Currently we are representing over 50 universities and colleges across the global. In the past 6 years, we have sent nearly 1,500 students to various universities around the world.


We have gained trust and a good reputation with multiple universities; Up to date we have cooperated with more than 50 universities. We work very hard to recommend students to our cooperate universities.


Core Areas: Education Consultant. Correspondence Education, On line education, Consultancy to Universities, Corporate Trainings and we are one of the Best Education Consultant Company based in China.

Strength Areas: China BrightEDU Admission Solution manages centers across the country and our mission is to create collaboration with more Regular Education University in the world at large.

Specialization Areas: We are Providing Best Recruitment service and Universities promotion. 

Vision & Mission: To maintain quality service in the field of capital market education and create new sector oriented courses which help corporate as well as students, to become benchmark education consultant centre across the world.





                 Our Services

                      We Provide:                            

                          Full Scholarship Application                                                          

                          Partial Scholarship Application                                                          

                          Self Supporting Application   

          Short term program: For High School & Graduate Students




Financial support is an important factor in the decision to study abroad and the Chinese government is offering a wide range of funding opportunities to attract and help international students with more than 40,000 scholarships at more than 277 institutions.

Knowledge and experience of China is an increasingly valuable asset in many industries. As the fourth most popular destination for international travel, with nearly 12 million business trips to China in 2015, the country is growing in economic and cultural significance.

Experience of China and Chinese, which is the third most popular language to learn in the world, could give you a great career boost. Studying in China gives you experience about how things work in this part of the world and helps you to become more independent


Chinese university are increasingly well respected, the number included in major global university ranking has risen significantly over the past five years with varieties of different scholarships particularly compared with the UK, which has fall in many ranking.

Our Company is as client - focused and result driven education consulting firm that provides broad-based services at an affordable fee that won't in any way put a hole in the pocket of our students