Scholarship Details

Systems Biology





Intake: 2022 (Spring & Autumn)

Degree: Master's Degree

Duration: 2years


 Original Tuition Fee: 4,787 EURO


Scholarship details

Excellent students will get scholarship from second year, check "Notice section" for more details on this.

  • Passport data page
  • Photo Passport Size (white background)
  • Certificate & Transcrip (orinal & certified true copy)
  • English Proficiency or English Proof Letter
  • 2 Recommendation Letter (From Prof. or Ass. Prof.)
  • Motivation Letter / Study Plan (700 words or above)

Note: Additional documents may be requested during your application processing.

Teaching Building
Palais Omnisports
Basketball Court
Football Court
Swimming Pool
Assembly Hall
School Bus
Bicycle Sharing System
Volleyball Court Badminton Court Tennis Court
Golf Courses

Scholarship to get during the Study Period:

All students of the University can apply for different scholarships during the study period. The way these scholarships are disbursed is stipulated by the Vilnius University Scholarship Regulations and the Lithuanian Law.

Incentive scholarship – a monthly scholarship for students with excellent learning outcomes. The scholarship is granted for students every semester for the results of the previous semester – in March for the results of the Autumn semester and in October – for the results of the Spring semester.

The provided amount (60 EUR or 100 EUR) depends on the learning outcomes (the student's place in the rank of students each semester). Around 10% of the course students get the incentive scholarship.

One-off Social Scholarship – a scholarship, provided in the case of financial problems caused by such unfortunate events as the illness of the student or a family member, the death of a relative, natural disaster and so on. Applications for the scholarship can be filled at the eStudent environment anytime throughout the study period.

The size of the scholarship (from 80 EUR to 480 EUR) highly depends on how difficult the situation is to the applicant.

One-Off Earmarked Scholarship – a scholarship granted for students with relevant achievements in sports, cultural and scientific/social activities. The application for the scholarship with the required documents could be submitted to the eStudent environment until March 25 in the Spring semester and until 25 October in the Autumn semester.

The size of the scholarship (form 40 EUR to 600 EUR) depends on the achievements.

Nominal scholarship – a scholarship granted for students based on certain fields of activity for their achievements or contributions in these fields. The grounds and principles of granting nominal scholarships are established in the regulations of a specific nominal scholarship and/or support agreement. Please contact the Academic Core Unit where you study to find out your options.

Social scholarship – a scholarship (260 EUR) provided by the State Studies Foundation granted for students who meet at least one of these requirements:

- If they come from a family with a difficult financial situation;

- If their working ability is reduced to 45% or more;

- If they are not older than 25 and have been granted guardianship before their full legal age.

You can only be granted the social scholarship if you as well are a citizen of a European Union (EU) of European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member country, or if you are an international student (citizen of non-EU or non-European Economic Area country) and have been granted permanent residency in Lithuania (not applicable for foreigners of Lithuanian origins).

The applications for social scholarships have to be submitted to the State Studies Foundation from the September 15 until October 10 in the Autumn semester and from January 20 until February 20 in the Spring semester. Please contact the State Studies Foundation for more detailed information.

Systems Biology
Degree Master
Duration 2years
Intake 2022
Age Limit 18-35
Teaching Language English
Application Deadline 2022/07/31

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