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Nanchang Institute of Technology

University Tier Private
Loacation Nanchang Jiangxi
Founded 1999
International Students 1,000+
Students Total 14,000+
Number of Campuses 1
Number of Staff Unknow

Nanchang Institute of Technology

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Nanchang Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as ‘NIT’),a general private undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education, was founded in May 1999 and was upgraded to a higher vocational college with the approval of the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government in April 2001 and was named as Jiangxi Aerospace Vocational College; it was upgraded to the first approval of private undergraduate colleges and universities with the approval of the Ministry of Education in May 2005, which was named as Nanchang Institute of Technology; in April 2009, it was approved by the Degree Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Government as the first approval of private university degree granting units in Jiangxi Province; in November 2012, NIT successfully passed the qualification evaluation of undergraduate teaching by the State Ministry of Education, which was the first private university passing the qualification evaluation at one time in Jiangxi Province. The expert team unanimously drew the conclusion that NIT is a banner of private education; in April 2016, NIT and East China Jiaotong University began to jointly train postgraduate students; in April 2017, NIT was listed as a construction unit of the 13th Five-Year Master Program authorized by The Degree Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government; In February 2018, it was named as a special school for national defense education by the Ministry of Education; in November, 2018, NIT successfully passed the undergraduate teaching review and evaluation by the State Ministry of Education. The expert team unanimously believed that Nanchang Institute of Technology is a national model private university with distinctive characteristics in national defense education and remarkable achievements in military education.


   NIT is located in Nanchang, a heroic city in China. With the mission of “Hangtian Scientific Education, Revitalizing The Chinese Nation”, it adheres to the school motto of “Science, Objectivity, Virtue and Innovation”. Based in Jiangxi, NIT has a global vision and focuses on the development of social industrial structure and the demand for social talents so as to foster high-quality, application-innovative talents for national economic and social development.




In 2006, the School of International Exchange of Nanchang Institute of Technology was established to respond to the globalization of education and the general trend of building a community with a shared future for mankind, based on the national strategy of "One Belt One Road". We continue to innovate and develop, improve the model of foreign cooperation and exchange, and improve the level of foreign-related education.


The college has first-class teaching facilities, with an intelligent language autonomous learning center, intelligent voice classroom, mobile multimedia classroom, Chinese and foreign language libraries that are in line with international standards. With a strong international atmosphere, Nanchang Institute of Technology is a window to introduce foreign high-quality educational resources and export Chinese higher education, as well as a training base for international students and international talents.


The college has a teaching team with both ability and political integrity, combination of professional and concurrent, reasonable structure, high professional titles, high education and experience of studying abroad. It currently employs more than a dozen foreign teachers from the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, and Ukraine to teach students English , Korean , Japanese, and Chinese as a foreign language.




Teaching Building
Palais Omnisports
Basketball Court
Football Court
Swimming Pool
Assembly Hall
School Bus
Bicycle Sharing System
Volleyball Court Badminton Court Tennis Court
Golf Courses


Under the supportive of school leaders, the international schooling starts with a strong power, fully reflects the characters of Sino-foreign cooperation, complementary advantages, and flexible systems. The well-known foreign universities that implement mutual recognition of credit points and inter-university exchanges with our school are: New York Institute of Technology, San Jose State University, Leicester University, University of Sunderland, Lincoln University, McGill University in Canada, Kyung Hee University in South Korea , Jeju National University in South Korea, Southern University in South Korea, Kyoto University of Information Science in Japan, Boren University in Thailand, etc., mainly for doctor degree, master degree, undergraduate and other levels of cooperation, adopting 4+0, 3+1 and other domestic and foreign joint teaching and training models. Both parties recognize each other's credits, school system, and class hours. Upon graduation, they can obtain corresponding Chinese and foreign university diplomas (degrees) if they meet the requirements, which broadens the channels for teachers and students to study abroad and improve their academic qualifications.


Internationalization has increasingly become a must in our lives. "The world is huge, I want to experience it!" We will help the majority of outstanding students "Come from NIC and go to the world" to help every talent realize your dream. Come on, make our dreams come true!


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